Becoming a Big Sister: Blessings From Above

Becoming a Big Sister: Blessings From Above

Get ready for an inspiring tale that will warm your heart and teach valuable lessons to your child!

Gran goes to Heaven

Gran goes to

A perfect way to introduce your child to the concept of loss and grief in a comforting and gentle manner.

Meet The Author

About The Author

Ona Erike, a wife, mother and grandmother was raised in a loving home where her parents instilled Christian values and principles and encouraged a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As parents, she and her husband taught those same values and principles to their three children, and encouraged them to live fulfilled and purposeful lives as Christians.

 On becoming a grandmother, Ona was inspired to write a series of colorful, interesting and encouraging story books for young children focused on teaching Christian principles. Such topics as the birth of a new sibling, embracing diversity and differences in others, and coping with the death of a loved one are handled in a sensitive, easy- to- understand manner appropriate for young minds.  Each book contains a worksheet at the end with questions that encourage further discussion and provide an opportunity for the reader and the parent/family member/ caregiver to come up with answers.

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