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Our mission is to provide you with the tools, resources, and guidance you need to nurture and cultivate the spiritual growth of children in a meaningful and engaging way.

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Becoming a Big Sister

Blessings From Above

Get ready for an inspiring tale that will warm your heart and teach valuable lessons to your child! “Becoming a Big Sister: Blessings From Above” is a delightful story that follows Adara’s journey as she learns that her parents are expecting a baby.

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Becoming a Big Sister

Gran goes to Heaven

Five-year-old Adara, a cheerful girl from a close-knit Christian family, loves spending weekends with Gran, her grandmother, whom she loves dearly. One day, Gran becomes very ill and dies; leaving Adara confused and sad. Mom and Dad comfort Adara with lessons from the Bible and explain that death and loss are part of life and that Gran is now in Heaven with Jesus. Adara learns that although she can no longer see her beloved Gran, she will always remain in their hearts and memories.

Through Adara’s Journey, your child will learn Christian principles of love, family, and faith in helping us cope with difficult times.
“Gran Goes to Heaven” is the perfect way to introduce your child to the concept of loss and grief in a comforting and gentle manner. So read this book today with your child and start exploring the beauty of life and the power of memories!

Gran goes to Heaven

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Such a touching story!

highly recommend this book for young children. It is a well written tale of a young child experiencing the loss of her grandmother. In her grief and mourning, she comes to learn about the love, comfort, and grace of God. What a special way to support young people in the loss of a loved one, while pointing them to Jesus.

Ogo Nwaneri

Beautiful Book! Beautiful Illustrations

Such a sweet story about a little girl becoming a big sister. My 6-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter enjoyed reading the book with me. Although we bought this after the arrival of our new baby, It would have been an excellent book to prepare our daughter for the arrival of her baby brother. Thank you for this beautiful story.


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